Youtube. My last video (I think).

Well, I felt like the last post was a little depressing so I thought that this post should be a little more in the fun side. I've been really procrastinating on my home work lately so I decided to check out my subscribers and see what kind of videos they are posting or watching.  I learned 2 things, I learned that there are some really incredible people out there and I also learned that there are a lot of freaks out there hahaha.  I mean really  I love you all and I appreciate the fact that a lot of you subscribed to my YouTube channel but a lot of you need jesus. I'm joking, kind of. To tell you the truth I'm probably the one that needs to bathe in some holy water. But anyways, I found some YouTube channels or I guess I should say videos that really made me smile and kept me from doing my homework. By the way, this part has barely anything to do with spinal cord injury  so if you are really are not that interested in watching some funny videos I would just scroll towards the end of this post because the 1st half is all just random videos. And so without further adieu.

This is really happening. lol

Dying bruuhhh!

  This was hilarious.

I almost died watching this video. Its so serious I couldn't handle it. lol

There was this sweet one of this cute asian chick dancing that ganam song that goes like heeeeeeeyyyy sexy ladyyyyy lol. She was loving it lmaooo. I love that song, it cracks me up but I just couldn't find the video on the list. I did however... find this!

Jaw drops....

 I have a serious thing for Asian women so that pretty much made my whole day. On a completely different note I decided to make one more video for my YouTube account. I know that I hadn't stated this before formally but I decided to no longer do videos and tutorials. After the whole fetish thing happened I personally would have felt a little uncomfortable putting up dressing videos or any video  exposing a part of myself that some 30 something year old guy would get off to and then message me asking if I could show him my feet. That's not the way I like to do things.  it's not all the fetish people that creep me out because I actually talk to some devotees (individuals who are into disabilities) and some are my friends. But like in every group there's that one, or in this case, numerous individuals that go about it the wrong way. I mean I have a thing for asian girls and redheads and if there's a combination of either one of those with tattoos Id marry that girl in a heartbeat haha I can't help myself! I get it. But I'm not going to ask them to do weird shit on a WebCam over the Internet. I mean, get real! I wonder if that actually works for them sometimes. Check this out. This guy introduced himself as a caretaker.

This is not okay. lol
I mean that looks a little fishy to me...

 I know that a lot of you add me on Facebook but I don't automatically accept everyone that sends me a friend invite anymore. All you have to do is send me a message that says “hey I read your blog/watched your video, cool beans”. That's all! Then I'll just Facebook stalk you until I feel that you are normal haha. One thing I don't do is not reply. If you send me message I will get back to you sooner or later I promise. Sometimes I'll try to go through your pictures and if you're in a wheelchair and it seems legit i'll accept your friend request but I don't really have the time to do that. Moving on.

The reason I started this blog and the videos was because I feel that no matter what your situation is after going through a high level spinal cord injury you should have the opportunity to become independent in your own terms And if there's any individuals out there that are willing to put in the work to better their situation I want to be able to be there to give them a helping hand. Sooooo I decided on this last video (I'm actually not sure if this is my last video but as of now it is) to show those who are just recently injured or maybe those who just haven't thought of becoming completely independent how some of the more simple daily activities can become a part of your daily routine without too much effort. Hope you guys enjoy it. I tried to make it as open as I felt I could without feeling weird about putting it on the Internet.


Sorry about the weird link!

I'll finish this post off with some cool and funny videos that my friends posted on their walls.

I literally almost pissed my pants. (Check out the dad one too)


Good night people.


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