Life so far. School, dating, apartments...

I feel like I've really dropped the ball on this whole blog thing but in reality it's almost a good thing as well as a bad thing. I really love where my life is right now, I'm busy and social and my life feels like it's really back to normal. I still respond to every message and i've really made some great friendships with some amazing people that have found my blog and videos helpful. Just the other day I was contacted by a really good friend of mine that I  met while I was in therapy at the Shepherd Center in Atlanta almost 3 years ago. He told me that he found me because his new therapist in Tennessee was using my blog to help him out! I couldn't ask for anything else in life at that moment, not only did this long-lost friend come back into my life but it just felt good to know that my blog and videos were helping people somewhere. I really want to promise that I'll continue to write but schools really kicking my butt. I sometimes find it hilarious  that the people  that contact me are surprised at the fact that I'm really just a normal 23-year-old obsessed with women, obnoxious, kind of an a-hole, borderline narcissistic, and really just a big perv sometimes. But I like helping people.. I know that I can be overly positive sometimes and that being a quadriplegic isn't always unicorns and rainbows and sunshine all the time but what are you going to do? Life is just so beautiful! from watching the sun go up in the morning to getting a kiss from a cute girl (or boy for you ladies)  I just couldn't see myself not fighting every day to enjoy these things. Sometimes it's easy to forget about the little things but it's the little things that make up the big picture. I know that I will always be grateful for my friends and family, they make my life really worth it. If you don't happen to have anyone that you can turn to please note that you can contact me anytime and we can get a beer together or have one over Skype. I gots you. (orange juice for all you under agers. No pulp.)

These are from when my dad and step mom visited for their birthdays. :D

 As many of you who have read my blog know I've been attending college the last few months and I can't believe that my 1st semester back is almost over. No lie, my shoulders are killing me! Hahaha If you're quad you know what talking i'm about. If you plan on returning to school and you're not using a power chair I would definitely invest in a case of icy hot and not sign up for classes 5 days a week  (what was I thinking??? At least I'm way stronger now...). I'm kind of on a scholarship through the vocational rehabilitation program so I try my hardest to get the best grades possible.  If you're given this amazing opportunity please don't squander it. After everything that has happened in my life from getting in trouble when I was younger (not that I'm that much older now) to breaking my neck in an accident getting this 2nd opportunity to do something with my life has been the most unbelievable thing that could have ever happened. I would gladly spend as much time as is necessary to help anyone willing to go back school. I know of numerous programs and stuff haha.  That being said being back in school has also brought along numerous distractions.  I would have to say that my number 1 kryptonite is a beautiful woman. I started dating again and meeting girls at bars. I was actually a little surprised at how easy it was to get back into the mix of things. I know that being a high level quadriplegic can kind of corner you into this overly nice guy role where you must meet a super nice girl at church or at a  rehabilitation event and there's definitely nothing wrong with doing that! But I'm 23 and at this stage of my life that's just not my cup of tea. Confidence brews character and no one can take that away from you.  it will literally ooze out of every pore of your body. Hey! Who knows? I might decide to grow up one of these days and you'll be seeing me at church way more often hahaha.  Really though, just be yourself and have patience. You got this.

 Anyways, winter is almost here in Florida and while I know that it won't last very long I still dread it. I'm sure that I've mentioned this before but I hate the cold and being a quadriplegic doesn't help the situation. You lose a lot of weight and you're not able to move the majority of your body so please stay warm everybody! Especially those of you who live in the north part of the world. I find it that forcing leg spasms and staying active really helps but seriously I would rather just stay in bed all day if I could. Thanksgiving is coming up so don't forget to thank all of those that make your life worth it. Also, start thinking of New Year's resolutions because you'll be here it before you realize that. I love the new year because I'm able to put in my head that the resolution is for real and it gives me something to work for all year. You should it try out! Make it something that will help you later on like making a quick meal or working extra hard on your transfers. I always like to focus on things that will make me more independent. Speaking of which, I was able to find some apartments that were specifically made for wheelchair users or actually handicapped people but the great part about it was that the rent is only 30% of what ever it is you make annually. As sad as it makes me I'm starting to plan my move out from my sisters and even though it's still really far away, it's really not. Time is flying. It's kind of a scary concept, I'm nervous and not looking forward to the lonely nights but it's definitely for the best and I can't wait.  If you're looking for a place to stay on your own you should check out these special apartments. It's a great place to start!  well, I've been ignoring my homework long enough so this must be adieu. Stay warm.

The cold weather is a great excuse to buy awesome new clothes. :)

I've been jamming to the El Camino album by the black keys lately and thought you might enjoy it too.


  1. Thank you for this inspiring blog post. I'll be moving into one of these mar vista apartments soon and I hope I have fun as much as you did in your new home.



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