Getting my Picasso on.

So this post is way late but I had some problems with the video editing. The main problem being that I don't know how to edit video. But anyways it got done after a few visits to the google machine so hurray for that. This past weekend was pretty eventful I got my christmas shopping done and went to a holiday party with some of the rugby guys and girl. Surrounding yourself with good people always has a positive outcome. My sister went to visit some friends in Tallahassee so it was kind of nice being on my own for the first time really, I can't wait to be on my own again for good. It's going to go down! This past weekend I also had the opportunity to be in two cars with hand controls for quadriplegics which was awesome because it gives me something else to work for. One of the cars had a lift and the other had a ramp. Funny thing was that as I got on one of the vans(the one with the ramp) my friend said...

"Hey man you might want to go backwards so you don't flip your wheelchair."

"I got it bro."

Yep, you guessed it. I flipped backwards. Awesome. The thing about falling off your wheelchair is that it's only scary until it happens then it's not so bad. I remember being terrified of falling off my chair but now its not so bad plus a very attractive lady came by and helped me up (with the help of some other people but she's the only one that matters haha). She gave me her number in case I ever needed help.. I'm starting to feel really helpless. By the way in the case that you ever fall make sure you or someone does a body check. Since you can't feel your body you never know if some damage was done. Besides some scrapes here and there I was fine, the rugby guys must think I have the worst luck. This was my first time going backwards and it differentiated from falling forwards by the fact that you get to the ground WAY faster hahaha. I don't know how I do it but when I fall forwards it takes like 30 minutes, its hilarious. It happens in stages too which makes it worst.

In my last post I talked about depression and staying active but there's other ways to keep busy if you can't leave the house too much. Just picking up small hobbies here and there might help keep your mind from wondering to dark places. While I was at the Shepherd center in Atlanta doing rehab they offered many classes for hobbies to keep you busy. I tried to take them all and they were great at thinking of different ways for quadriplegics to do normal things. Now, even if you don't get down in the dumps you might still have some extra time so it's always smart to be able to do things at home at least before you start going out more. Here's a video I made working on an art project and it's just one of many things you can still do even without too much function.

Look, I know that loosing function in your body can be a downer but sometimes it just takes a little thinking outside the box and you can get right back to doing the things that you love to do. It might start with something simple like a painting a picture but there really isn't a limit to the things you can achieve. Also, depending on your injury level you might not be able to paint like I do but don't let that stop you. Strap a brush to your forehead or hold it with your mouth, I got that idea from a quad friend on facebook, just know that it might take a while to get good. Painting takes a lot of stabilizing muscles to not deviate so just have patience with it and know that practice makes perfect. Being me means you're perfect too by the way haha.


  1. Luis! Those paintings you did were wonderful! I really enjoyed watching the video of you painting. I've always been interested in art and I always wished I could paint/draw, but I was never very good at it!

    I really enjoyed reading your blog post where you told about your life before and after your accident.

    Keep up the good work! I really enjoy reading the blogs of other paralyzed people who are still living a good life despite the fact that they are disabled.

  2. Awesome painting. I love art.



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