Christmas and SPASMS!!

Well I hope everyone had or is having a really good Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or whichever tradition it is you celebrate. My sister and I had a very simple Christmas just the two of us (this made Christmas shopping really easy). I want to congratulate her for her amazing dinner, which she bought at Wholefoods premade hahaha. She definitely deserved the cooking break after the spread she prepared for thanksgiving which fed us for a week. Apparently, we didn't get the eggnog and whiskey memo... I spent most of the day enjoying the start of the NBA season but my team lost in epic fashion so I decided to do some end of the year cleaning to forget about it.

I'm really not a big fan of clutter but why throw things away when you can donate, right? Well I've been donating my old clothes and things since before my injury, I'm sure the fact that I was an impulsive buyer had a lot to do with it, so since I can't work right now this was one way I could help somebody without breaking the bank. It just happened to be that there's a young boy with a mental disorder I know in need of sheets and pillow cases for his hospital bed (he only had two raggity pair I couldn't believe it!). He now owns like 30 hahaha. I got a nice big bed now and have no need for them. I hope they could help out a little. I also collected clothes and quad adaptable equipment that I don't use anymore. I was also thinking about the huge gains I've made since last year..

Gains I couldn't have made without making some changes. Due to my injury I've been plagued with severe body spasms and as much as I've wanted to improve they've really gotten in the way.It has really been an uphill battle with my spasms.  Doing simple tasks such as bending down to grab something off the floor or just trying to get on my bed would result with a trip to the floor (curtesy of my body). I couldn't go a few feet without having to hold on to my chair for dear life. Enough was enough, I had hit a wall therapy wise. I couldn't do what I was asked because my body wouldn't give me the chance, it was frustrating and to tell you the truth the one thing I hated the most out of my spinal cord injury. Not to mention it was embarresing having to go out in public because I'm positive it looked like I was having a seizure.. Just imagine trying to do anything during an earthquake. My medicine wasn't working so I underwent a procedure to get a baclofen pump, another method that helps with spasms. Here's a video explaining more about the medication the procedure and the results.

Well the procedure was a success, my spasms don't want none of me now haha. Not really, I wish but it was a great decision because the more I tweak the pump the more in control of my body I am. By the way you don't want to get rid of all your spasm, they help keep your body tone (for all you ladies checking out my legs). It's a slow process but it has given me the freedom to follow my dreams and now not only can I pick stuff off the ground but I can pretty much do anything on my own without having to worry about my spasms sending me flying to the floor. If you're a quad with severe spasms, not happy with your medication, I would suggest you ask your doctor about the pump so you can start living!


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