Bed transfers & the New Year.

So another year is at its end and a new one is just starting, I hope that everyone had a gangsta *** year, haha just kidding but I do hope it was great. I know that some years can be rough for those who suffer from a disability, especially the end since it can bring up painful thoughts. I hope everyone had a good time and didn't go through any problems and if you did... Suck it up. Just kidding again, don't get so down on yourself it's the new year lets start it with a good attitude at least. You never know what's in store, right? In one of my older posts I spoke about last new years being one of the hardest times I've endured emotionally since my injury and how I got caught up in the 'why me?' scenario... It wasn't pretty and ultimately led to a pretty humiliating moment for myself, yikes. This year it was totally different.

I've made significant gains into my independence since then. I had made a new years resolution to be able to stay on my own at the hizzouse (that's house for anyone born before 1980) and guess what you little nuggets? BOOM, mission accomplished. I guess I'm glad I had that little break down on new years because it was a nice slap in the face to kick it into high gear. I got a procedure done to tackle my muscle spasms and from that point I covered transfers, feeding myself, dressing myself, grooming, etc. You name it I worked on it. My sister, who was my caregiver all this time doesn't have to worry about putting me in bed or any of that stuff. She's young too so I'm glad she's able to go out with her friends or take trips whenever she gets time off from work. She works all the time and the few moments she has for herself should be spent doing fun stuff not babysitting a grown man.

I'm not quite there yet, I still need help with my baths and bowel care... So I hire a CNA (I think that means certified nursing assistant) to help me in the mornings for that stuff only but hey! That's what this new years resolution is for. Not only that but I'm going back to school to finish up and working on getting my license back (that should be tricky... I have quite a few tickets from being stupid). It should be eventful, what's your new years resolution? If you're a quad like me trying to get independent I would say the two most important things to work on would be getting your bladder under control and transferring from your bed to your chair and vice versa. So..... Here's a video of my transfer so that maybe you can get some ideas.

Right well I hope that helped someone out. You people better have gone extra big last night because no were starting over and you know it's going to be crazier than last year. Start something new, finish something old and for gods sake relax and have a beer (odouls for you non drinkers). Happy new years.


  1. I just recently watched your video on YouTube transferring from your chair to the bed and back and I had some questions. I, also, am a quadriplegic (C6-7) and wondered how you transfer, with no slide board, without triceps?? Also I do not have any trunk control, as I imagine you do not have either. I just recently moved out of my folks house and into an apartment and become more independent.
    How do you "push off—to do the actual transfer, and push up so you can lock out your elbows? Any help/direction would be greatly appreciated! I love your videos-they really help others strive to do more! Thank you!



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