Catch up, creepers and... happy valentines?


Trying to stay busy these days isn't so hard now that I'm putting in a full effort into getting back to school I hope everything goes through so I can finally get back and be done with it. I'm glad I started this blog and gotten to meet so many interesting people going through so many crazy things. It's really inspiring hearing about what everyone has gone through. I wish more people were aware of these peoples situations but it is what it is. The world is a unexpected place and all i can do is give whatever kind of support i can give and hope for the best. Im glad my independence plan is running smoothly, no major set backs. I've always said that my injury saved my life.. I was heading down a bad path before so I'm glad I get a chance to kind of start over.

I've also started to go back to rugby practice since my finger isn't swollen anymore. It is though very crooked haha, like a lightning bolt.. It did break in two place. The guys in the team have been busy with back to back to back tournaments but they lent me a great chair that I can use for now so that's pretty cool (check it out. Gangsta). It feel good to get exercise done but remember to stay hydrated and cool since depending on the injury level sweating might not be your forte haha. You can overheat really quick, I've seen some guys get BRIGHT red. It's as hilarious as it's troubling so keep that in mind if you're a quad looking to get into wheelchair rugby. Being sore feels great by the way. I'm a freak because I enjoy poking sore muscles haha.

I feel like I'm starting to rant about random things but truth be told nothing too exciting has happened lately. Well I kind of stopped blogging for a while but I got some videos on the way. The thing was, I kind of got freaked out. As I have stated before in this blog I'm not a very computer savy individual and on top of that I'm just not used to meeting people online. So when I started getting 'weird' messages and e-mails it really creeped me out. I never knew there were things such as a fetish for a certain disability and while I believe that everyone is beautiful in their own way... Yeah.. I was just taken aback by their methods of approaching me. And don't even get me started on the feet people, just too much haha WAY too much. I was overwhelmed. I now know that these people are called devotees (devos for short) and while I'm sure there are some great individuals out there I just haven't had the opportunity to run into any yet ha.. Ha doesn't this just get you in that valentine mood.

Well this put off the dressing videos I had planned. By the way, I have sugar coated my experience. There have been some seriously scary messages or cryptic ones that set off alarm bells in my head. I never thought I would feel weird showing my feet till now. Internet you scary. Hahaha great experiences though, good campfire talk. Oh yeah! Im a very chill and polite person that really doesn't react irrationally (read about my accident) to out of the norm situations so I have to say I wrote some hilarious responses that I wish I could post here but it might be.. Too much? I know you're probably like "Lou, why even respond?". Well they were sneaky and I'm a very helpful person so excuse my naive mind haha I now know better.

Rant, rant, rant. Anyways, one of my more legit subscribers sent me an awesome video that just blew my mind the only problem is that it is a tad bit x-rated so I apologize to those of my readers that are under the age of 18. I don't make it a habit of doing this since my blog is very pg-13 but this is a cool bit of art I couldn't help but share. REMEMBER 18 & UP.

Hope everyone had a great beginning to their year and happy valentines day!!!

Man, I cannot fall sleep for nothing... it is 3am and this is my 'ihaveameetingtomorrowbuticantsleepsoimscrewed' face.



  1. Hi glad to see you back :) Sorry about the mean people that were bugging you.Hope you told the bad people off!!!

    Sometimes I used to get bothered in the coffee shop forum BUT i had a lot of people who helped me there and chased away the bad people.

    My friends online are awesome :)

    btw if i ever bug you or say something wrong let me know please...

    1. hey alex, how have you been? i always find your blog really intriguing, kinda like a good book. that was creepy, lol. im learning to get used to the.. advances? haha and youve never bugged me please feel free to speak your mind.

  2. I laughed out loud when I read about your "devotee" encounter. I get the same random creepers... (you want pics of WHAT?!?) It weirds me out. ps. you think girls can play rugby too? I want to try... but I have yet to see any girl players here in ft. lauderdale.



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