The importance of knocking on wood... and eating & writing.

Sigh.. I should have just kept my mouth shut with that last post haha. Lo and behold consequence came and bit me in the... Yeah. Right after posting something about bladder control I myself had a minor setback... Mostly due to maybe too much fun and carelessness on my birthday weekend but it happened and I had to end up changing the sheets, embarrassing. Even though this might be a common occurrence to some quads, it has seriously been months since my last 'accident'. Its been like.. Six months since this has happened so I was, to say the least, a little frustrated. I know, I know.. But Lou you said to not get frustrated. Shut up. Haha I'm joking.

I know I did, but I got my head back on now. These things happen, the important thing is getting right back on schedule. You might have to start with a low number of hours in between cathing but you should be back to normal in no less than two days. If not, just take it a little slower. Put on some Marvin Gaye.

Anyways I've been getting a lot of emails from people all over the world which is great, this is the reason I write and do these tutorial videos. It gives me great pleasure knowing I can help even one person, please keep the questions coming! It's all confidential I promise I'm a great listener. You guys give me great ideas on tutorial videos. I can get pretty lazy so it helps a lot. I was asked to do a video on writing and eating so I guess I'll start with writing and stuff for now (even though at my level injury writing can be a bit of a rarity with modern technology making everything on a computer or gizmo). It's always good to know how to do this stuff on your own if you're able. Riiiiight, well here you go. Better late than never...

Here's a video of me grubbing and dranking like a g (that's eating and drinking for you losers, just kidding). For the record i'm not a big fan of adaptive equipment for quads because I feel that if I dont have it with me im screwed and plus I hate clutter. This sucks for my videos because since I donated all my stuff... now I cant show you guys more options. Oh well.... sorry.

Pretty much the same can be said about this next video.. wish I could have made it better but just.. lack of equipment. For the record I dont know about you but writing was a little hard on me at first because you use your shoulders surprisingly so just know that if you tire from writing its not going to be like that forever.

So... i guess that's it. 


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