Waterskiing for people with disabilities.

In the words of my greatest fictional role model Ricky Bobby, sometimes, I just ”want to go fast”. Before I was injured one of my favorite things to do it was wake boarding. I remember my stepfather taking me out on the boat when I was a wee little lad and letting me shred out on the bay for hours. I was hooked. I love being out on the water. It’s so relaxing and therapeutic, you can literally forget about everything else that’s going. I was beyond stoked when I heard about the UCanSki2 program. The program offers the opportunity for people with all kinds of disabilities to waterski using adapted boards. No joke, it’s probably the most fun I’ve had since I was injured. Being able to get back on the board after such a lengthy hiatus has been one of the highlights of this year. The best part about it is that it’s totally free! Thank you baby Jesus!

The way it works is by having two side-skiers help stabilize the ski, which is technically just a wakeboard with a seat attached to it. They have different seats depending on the level of disability. The side-skiers are there until you are able to balance on your own. As you begin to balance they slowly part away and let you do your own thing. Eventually you won’t even need the side-skiers and you’ll be making sweet, steamy, sexy magic out on those wakes. I strongly suggest that you check out their website because they travel all over the United States throughout the year. Who knows? Maybe they’ll be popping up somewhere near you. If you have a disability and you’re like me and enjoy a little adrenaline kick every now and then this is definitely a must. You could be totally blind or a quad, like yours truly, but trust they got something for you. If you can’t see the side-skiers will guide you. If you can’t use your hands they have a chest harness so all you have to do steer.

Also, if you’re like some of my more stubborn brethren and hate asking for help in any kind of way don’t worry about asking someone you know to help you out here. UCanSki2 has plenty of amazing volunteers on hand to help with transfers. If you really wanted to you could show up by yourself but… why not share the moment, Right? My mom came with me and we’ve both had a really good time. She ended up coming with me the rest of the summer.

Anyways, if you’re too lazy to check them out on your own here’s all their information. You’re welcome.

U Can Ski Contact Information:

(863) 967-2575

PO Box 2607
Winter Haven, FL, United States 33883


There’s some big things about to go down in La Vida De Lou soon and I’m pretty busy now preparing for it all. It was pretty legit being able to just take the time over the summer to enjoy being out on the water again. Mental note: always make time for some fun.


  1. Hey my name is Andrea and i was wondering... How old were you when you got injured???
    Im glad youre having fun!! 😎😎

  2. Sorry for the question but how did you get injured?? 😳😁



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