Wheelchair rugby and my awesome luck.

If you're anything like me then you might enjoy some excitement in your life. You might have been an athlete or just gone to the gym regularly and just because you're in a wheelchair doesn't mean you have to stop. Plus, theres nothing better for your body than staying active. Now theres plenty of sports for both power and push wheelchairs but today I want to talk about wheelchair rugby, since I've recently began to dabble in the sport myself and it's fresh on my mind.

Wheelchair rugby is one of the more physical sports available to low level quadriplegics like myself. It's pretty much a mixture of American football, soccer and basketball while strapped to a gladiator chair that resembles a mini tank. Sounds fun right? I thought so haha. Here's a clip from an amazing documentary called 'Murderball', which is a look inside the lives of some quadriplegics who play the sport at the highest level, it is truly inspirational and you should check it out whenever you get a chance.

Well this all started when I met a few quads during my therapy that told me they were on a team and that I should come out and try it. I was really interested, I missed being competitive, but what I was really intrigued about was that these quads were independent. That was MY goal and it pushed me to go out and try it (psshh, I'm awesome if they can do it so can I). Not only did I want something fun to do but I wanted to know how they got where they where.

If you feel like you can't afford a rugby chair just reach out to the team near you they might let you use an old chair. Just remember they know better than anybody your situation. The team here in Tampa has been nothing but generous towards me, they set me up with a chair, I got a ride to the gym from my sis, and they even helped me get in and out of the chair since my sis can't lift me. I was off and I loved it. I might have been the slowest guy out there but I felt like a monster. Even after the practice the team wanted to make sure I had a way to make it to practice again, pretty cool.

I went back this past Thursday and was even more involved, it felt good waking up sore. The other guys are really legit too, pretty down to earth. After another successful practice I got a ride home, feeling pretty stoked ***Oh my god! The Tampa Bay Buccaneers just fumbled the ball AGAIN. Are you serious?? Are we really loosing to Jacksonville?!?! COME ON!*** Sorry, my football team is blowing it right now. Anyways, I was really stoked until I looked at my hand and it looked I had elephantitis. I iced it and went to get  it checked up Friday around midday. Broken. Awesome. I had to laugh at my luck, but please don't let this put you off from what I've heard it's kind of a freak accident haha.

Here are some reasons to try out wheelchair rugby.
-It gets you out of the house.
-If your arms are weak. They will get strong, FAST.
-You will be around experienced quads. Knowledge.
-You will get socially active.
-The stronger you get the closer you are to being independent.
-Exercise is good for you.

I can't wait to get back out there as soon as I can.


  1. Hey bro...just stumbled on this. I'm a c6 that just started playing; i was hurt 7 months ago, but I am pretty much independent now except driving. I totally understand how important it is to be independent.

    anyway, rugby is fucking awesome, and if you wanna talk, my facebook is facebook.com/jsa041 and my email is james.sa@hope.edu



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